Conventions & Meetings - Menu Offerings

Every wonderful thing you might have heard about our reputation for innovative menu development, creative food preparation and professional presentation has been earned through hard work, creative experimentation and diligent execution.

We are extremely proud of our catering services and continue to endeavor to improve upon our current high levels of performance. We offer a wide range of prepared menus but are perfectly willing to assist you in developing a special menu for your particular event.

Our chefs and culinary staff love a challenge and always enjoy developing a menu that is creative, unique and allows them to show off their considerable food preparation talents. We’re very proud of our service staff as well. Our extensive training program introduces them to the finer points of dining service and our collective goal is always to provide you with an afternoon or evening of unobtrusive, exquisite service that adds pleasure to your overall St. Clair College Centre for the Arts experience.

Please check back shortly for the menu offerings